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What Makes Us Different?

Bill Recycling - Pay Change in Bills

Bill Recycling makes vending more accessible for everyone. It pays your change in bills. So now, when you pay with larger denominations like $20's and $10's, you get paid back in $5's or $1's and coins rather than getting pockets full of change.

Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery

Vending's biggest problem has been solved. Say goodbye to product jams because Pathway Vending's latest sensing technology (SureVend) guarantees the customer gets their product or they get their money back.

Wireless Notifications

With 24/7 availability and wireless monitoring solutions, Pathway Vending improves your operation's efficiency and sales potential around the clock. 

Environmentally Friendly

Reduce your carbon footprint with Pathway Vending. Our cold drink vending machines are two times more energy efficient than machines made just five years ago, and 30% more efficient than our competitors.

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Fresh Food Temperature Control

Freshness is never a question with our vending machines. With  the tightest temperature control in the industry, the freshness of  perishable food items is guaranteed. You can rest assured that products  will be at their best. 

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About Us

Micro Market

 They are essentially 'convenience stores at the  office', that provide freshly prepared lunches, healthy snacks and  drinks that employees can purchase.  

Vending & Snacks

Food vending machines that provide shelf-stable foods such as chips, cookies, cakes and other such snacks are common. Some food vending machines are refrigerated or frozen.

Healthy living

 Making healthy food choices, staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight are essential to good health 


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