About Us

Why choose Pathway Vending

We are the leading vending machine supplier , providing drinks, snacks and fresh food to organisations  both big and small, across London and the Home Counties. All of our  products and services are tailored to meet the demands of any type of  organisation – no matter what your vending machine requirements are, we  can help.

  • We are proud to boast an army of awards for our vending services
  • Not only do we keep your vending machines running smoothly, we make them look the part too
  • Our solutions are highly bespoke, whether you need an office drinks machine, vending machine supplies or a vending machine hire, we are very flexible depending on your requirements

Full Vending Services

We understand that no two clients are the same, so you can be  confident that our bespoke vending service is entirely flexible to suit  you.

Designed to be a fuss-free experience, we can regularly clean, stock  and maintain your vending machines. This means you’ll have complete  peace of mind that they will always be compliant with all industry  specifications, brimming with high quality products and in tip top,  hygienic condition.

If you are looking for further information, our vending machine  specialists will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with  you.

Our Customers

We pride ourselves on our diversity and being able to work  with clients from office, industrial and commercial sectors. Whether you  are a small company in a single office or a multi-national company with  many sites, we can provide the equipment and services you need to keep  your staff refreshed. We have provided countless solutions for office  areas, canteens, staff breakout facilities. We are also experts in  public sites such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres and  universities.

Our Mission


All of our vending machines are equipped with cellular  technology so that we know how many products are in each row of every  machine-all the time. Our state-of-the art warehouse assures that our  drivers have what they need and our dynamic scheduling ensures  just-in-time service. 


We use the same wireless technology to help us keep our  machines up and working. Even though our vending machines are the newest  around, problems sometimes happen. If that happens, our machines  actually “call us” to report the problem so a technician can be  dispatched right away. 


Because our sales data is so robust, we can use that  information to make sure that the product mix in each machine best  matches the location’s buying patterns. Demand on the 7th floor might  not be the same as the 8th floor and we treat them differently. We carry  hundreds of drink and snack items in our warehouse, including healthy,  organic snacks and healthy beverages. We can meet any location’s needs. 

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